How I got a free Mercedes!

So in March 2017 I got a new Mercedes on a lease for 3 years

The monthly payments are around £340.00 per month 

Since I graduated from uni in sept 2016 and wasn’t paying myself much of a salary from my SA business I had to get the lease under my mums name...

Fast forward to January 2018...

My mum had a BTL in one of the area which we operate in

The tenant moved out after 3 years 

She asked me if I would manage it as an SA

I said I would but as long as any money she makes over the rent she was previously getting I can use to pay off my lease 

Month 1: net amount over the rent she used to receive = £605

So that’s almost 2 months of the car lease paid in month 1!

Not bad for the first month. I just need this to continue for about a year and a half and my car is paid off!!

Best JV so far!

Ahmed khan