LinkedIn Engagement Group

Please read this article and the rules below before joining this group. It is important that we all follow the rules to get the maximum benefit from this group. My staff monitor the group and, unfortunately, they will remove you if the rules are breached.

I know it sounds really harsh, but like I said before, this way we will all benefit.

Why This Group Works.

LinkedIn has an algorithm whereby if a posts gets a lot of likes and comments in the first few hours, they really amplify your post, and so it is seen by a lot more people! This is how people get 1000’s of views on their posts. The more visibility you get on your post, the more business you will attract!

The purpose of this group is to like and comment on each others posts to give each other the maximum exposure.

Mine and others posts have seen a dramatic rise in number of views since we have started this group.

How to Use This Group.

  1. Post something on LinkedIn.

  2. Copy a link to the post into the engagement group (which will be on Whatsapp)

  3. Everyone in the engagement group likes and comments on your post.


  1. Please do not have any conversations in the group as it makes it hard to find other people’s linkedIn post links.

  2. You have to post on LinkedIn at least once every 2 weeks and copy a link of your post into the group.

  3. The posts cannot be pitching or selling anything.

  4. Do not add any captions to your post links such as ‘Please guys like and comment on this post’.

  5. You must like every post.

  6. You should try to comment on as many posts as possible. Insightful comments will help you build your connections as well.

How to Join the Group.

To join the group, please click on this link:


If you have any questions, please message me private or email me on