6 Ways to Do Check-ins For Serviced Accommodation

Regardless of if you operate serviced accommodation from an apartments or a house, small block or a high-rise, there is always ways you can carry out the check-in process.

One of the questions I get asked most often is how would I do check-ins if the building is like this or the building is like that.

This post will go through all the different ways you can do check-ins.

1. Meet & Greet: Do the check-ins yourself, hire someone or get your cleaner to do them. This can be great for repeat bookings but is also very costly and inefficient if your staff isn't great. I personally do not do meet & greet.

2. Lockbox: If you can, put a lockbox on site which will hold the keys and then you just send the check-in instructions to the guests, they check-in, job done.


3. Padlock lockbox: If you can screw a lockbox into a wall, then get a padlock type lockbox and hook it onto something. This works particularly well with cycle rails.


4. Coded door handles: If the main door of the building is coded, so you don't need a code to enter the building then give the guests a code to enter and then install a coded lock on the flat door.


5. Keynest: Leave the keys at a local shop which is supported by Keynest. Its really cheap, the service is great and can work really well if there is one close to your apartment.


6. Local shop: If there isn't a keynest in your area, cut a deal with a local shop and leave keys there. Maybe you can install a lockbox in the shop like those Amazon lockers and then pay them monthly. They will also get business from guests who come to pick up the keys.

So as you can see, it doesn't matter what the building is like, you can always find a way!

Ahmed khan