1 Marketing Strategy No One is Using on Airbnb

This marketing strategy works really well if you are in a touristy location and really want to make the location of your apartment stand out and use that as a selling point.

After you have added all the pictures of the apartment on Airbnb, you then need to add in the pictures of all the nearby tourist attractions and main transport links and then in the caption write how close they are to get to from your location.

The example below is an apartment we used to have in Kilburn, London.

Imagine this...

If you are booking on Airbnb from abroad, most likely you won't know where Kilburn is...

But you will know places like Oxford Street, Hyde Park, etc and would want to know how close the nearest tube station is...

So I added the following pictures to show how close all the locations are and how quickly you can get to the tube station

I think this is more likely to attract people to your location once they see how convenient and close it is to everywhere they would potentially want to visit. 

I haven't seen many people do this so try giving it a go!

download (1).jpg
Ahmed khan