How to Get to the TOP of

There are quite a few things you can do which will help you get ranked higher in I will suggest what you should do in theory but keep in mind is designed for hotels with large inventories and receptionists, and not serviced apartment operators, so adjust some of the points below accordingly.

All the points suggested below will improve your ‘Performance’ score on and this will help you rank. Once you have a performance score of 70% and above, alongside a review score of 70% (7.0/10) - you will be eligible for the 'Preferred partner programme' and the 'Genius programme' and by enlisting on these programmes you will receive the following benefits:

- Higher position in search results

- You'll get a special thumbs-up icon placed next to your property. This indicates that guests love the value for money, -service and quality.

- Featured in email and other promotions

- On average, receive 65% more page views.

- Preferred Partners earn up to 35% more bookings.

- Genius conversion rate is 3 times higher than most guests

Ok, so now how to actually increase your score so you can get onto these programmes:

1. Load as much availability as possible.

2. Set a non-refundable rate

3. Set up a Website

4. NEVER reduce prices via ‘Dynamic prices’ on channel managers, instead turn on promotions.

5. Reduce minimum night restrictions

6. Make sure your property page score is 100%

7. Don't ask for credit card details from last minute guests (Hard for SA operators!)

Other ways to get ranked higher on search:

1. Turn on ‘Deal of the day’ - this ranks you even higher than operators on the Preferred partner programme.

2. Increase visibility by paying more commission.

By implementing these things, you should improve your score over time, which will help you get listed on these programmes and get more bookings!