How to Hire 'In-house' Teams Without the Added Cost

I get a phone call from my cleaner randomly during the day, which is odd as she never calls me...

She tells me we have no towels and pillow cases left for the rest of the week!

I frantically leave my office (my bedroom), put on a jacket and rush to our storage facility (my garage) 🙄

She’s right. Somehow it’s run out.

I call my linen supplier (this guy based in Peterborough) and tell him I urgently need more linen ASAP as I’ve run out for the rest of the week

He makes a few phone calls

Sends back his delivery guy who was already out for other deliveries to pick someone linen for me and delivers it to my garage within 2 hours!

Job done!

I didn’t tell this story randomly. There’s a point to be made here.

If my linen supplier was stalbridge or another big established company and I asked them for linen last minute, what do you think would’ve happened?

Either a no, or a hefty charge!

Sometimes it’s better to work with smaller companies as you can build a better relationship with them, they’re more flexible, will help you in a time of need and will value you more than a large organisation.

The linen my supplier supplies and Stalbridge’s supplies are probably exactly the same - but I don’t have the same flexibility with Stalbridge. 

You should aim to find a small which is well run but is small enough that you are a big and important client them and they will effectively become ‘in-house’

We have done exactly the same with our cleaning company. Because we are their biggest client they are a lot more hands on with our work. 

My cleaner knows more than I do! She knows where all the keys are, where the spare keys are, whose in which flat, etc, etc

And effectively even though we pay her per clean as a ‘contractor’ - she has effectively become ‘in-house’ and taken away a lot of hassle!

Moral of this story: work with smaller companies which have a good service and become a big client for them and they will value you more, help your business grow and effectively become a part of your team without the cost of employing full/ part time people!