Largest Booking yet: £17,500!

Yesterday we took our largest single booking to date. However, as many have pointed out, there's no point posting about large revenue intakes because you don't know how much rent I'm paying and how long the booking is for (but trust me we're making good money out of this one lool). 

However, there is a point to be noted and that is don't rely just on the OTAs and try get these long corporate bookings because it will probably make you more money, are a lot less hassle and are normally much better clientele then the jokers you get on BDC.

But also, more importantly, if you're relying on just OTAs then as the market gets more and more competitive and we enter the winter months where demand tends to be lower you might start to struggle.

This booking is for a property that we manage for a client and our aim is to get as many corporate bookings as possible for them so their risk is reduced as well as we go into the winter months.

Ahmed khan