Making £1984.00 Remotely with SA

I did a post last week how one of our R2R SA units will make £1984.00 net profit in July in central London.

The thing with that Sa unit is that I have never been to it or seen it in person. It is all managed remotely.

Our JV partners sourced the property and furnished it and we simply plugged in all the systems which allow us to manage it for them remotely. If you want to manage SA units remotely make sure you have the following:

1. Really good cleaning team (this is key!)
2. A lot of systems in place to deal with Guest enquiries, security procedures, etc
3. More systems for potential problems that can arise such as missing keys
4. Local handyman incase something needs repairing
5. Research the area so you know the correct price point

If you do all this properly then you should definitely be able to manage your SA units well and remotely.

Ahmed khan