Photos of My Latest Serviced Apartment

Ok, maybe not what you expected to see...

They’re not the usual dressed up beds, soft furnishings, etc

But it’s really important to get your photographer to take pictures of things like the heating system, thermostat, lockboxes, check-in processes, etc so you can put them in your manual and easily direct people if they need help with something.

It will make a life a lot easier if you can put everything into a manual as you will get a lot less phone calls and emails!!

Here is a list of things I would get the photographer to take pictures of:

- Apartment
- Close-ups of soft furnishings
- Heating
- Hot water control
- Washing machine
- Entrance
- Bins (where they can throw bin bags)
- Parking
- Lockbox/ check-in process
- Toilet packs
- Towels!
- Amenities
- Local shop to show how close it is m
- Cafe/bar
- Restaurant
- View from outside the windows to show what the area is like.

Ahmed khan