Pitching Agents for SA Units

This has worked really well for me when pitching agents for SA units.

When I call to book a viewing, I will ask a few questions about the apartment and then say before we go any further with this I need to check if you have quite a few apartments available because I need 4/5 apartments.

The reason it works is because if SA is a new concept to the agent, he is more likely to be on board if you are taking on multiple units where he can get a lot more commission - otherwise theres less incentive to go through all this for just one unit.

It also to some extent eliminates the infamous question “Is the apartment for yourself?” - if you say you need 4/5 apartments, its clearly not for yourself…

I did this yesterday in a new area. The agent called me today and said he only has 1 currently in the block I enquired about but asked if I would like to view it and see if it works. So just because you say you need 4/5 units, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take that many.

In my experience, it works well because it gives the agent more of an incentive, rather than putting in all that work for just one unit.

Ahmed khan