SA Market Research and First Mover Advantage

We took on another R2R SA yesterday - and for the second time, we've gone to a town where there are no other SAs. Which means it's very hard to do research as you have no comparables. 

I quite like going to places where there are no other SAs because if it works you will get first movers advantage. We've done this once before and it really paid off! 

Okay- since there are no SA comparables the way we do market research is by going and speaking to hotels pretending to be interested in booking out quite a few rooms in a month or two. During this visit we ask a lot of questions subtly and try to work out if there's demand. 

In this particular area, we managed to find out that a big hotel chain is opening a 120 room hotel start of next year! Clearly there is some demand! On the back of that and a few other things we've taken this on and I have a really good feeling it's going to work. 

So, if there are no other SAs in your area, don't be worried and think there's no demand. Do your homework and if it works out - you could really benefit from the first movers advantage!

Ahmed khan