Serviced Accommodation Summit

Had a great time at the SA summit yesterday in Birmingham. Here are some tips and insights from who delivered a great talk.

Next to hotels, 38% of people say they are planning to stay in apartments, apart hotels or condos in 2018. Up from 27% from 2017.

Tips to get more bookings:

1. List nearby attractions as that will help with SEO.

You can set up a website with using their WebDirect feature and then list nearby attractions in order to improve your search rankings in Google. 

2. Meal voucher with a local cafe for breakfast. 

Its hard to offer breakfast in serviced apartments due to lack of staff but you would work with a local cafe and offer breakfast vouchers to your guests.

3. Parking is a key bonus.

This is a huge bonus, especially in bigger cities like London where parking is an issue. You could buy a monthly parking pass for a nearby council carpark and give the pass to your guests.

4. Importance of data-informed decisions: Fine-tuning rates and availability can significantly raise your revenue. has a lot of analytics tools which lets you see how far in advance people are booking, your competitor's rates, etc. Use these to make your pricing decisions in order to maximise revenue.

Ahmed khan